There are several things you can do to help prevent graffiti from taking over your neighborhood. Here are some great suggestions provided by

  1. Keep up the neighborhood – Remove litter and trash, fix broken fences, trim landscape and ensure all lighting is working properly.

  2. Rapid removal – Rapid removal of graffiti has been found to be the most effective prevention tool. Data shows that removal of graffiti within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of recurrence.

  3. Report graffiti – You can report graffiti by calling 806.378.3038.

  4. Change the environment – There are things you can do that will discourage graffiti on your property. Some measures to consider:
    • Incorporate natural deterrents into your landscaping like shrubs, thorny plants and vines to help restrict vandal access.
    • Plan or add lighting to promote natural surveillance.
    • Use fences, controlled entrance and exits, rails, and other barriers that discourage through traffic.
    • Limit access to roofs by moving dumpsters away from walls and covering drainpipes to prevent vandals from scaling them.
    • Use graffiti hoods to buffer freeway signs.
    • Incorporate metal baffles on sign poles, similar to squirrel baffles on bird feeders.

  5. Vandal-proof Targeted Areas – Use graffiti-resistant surfaces like:
    • Graffiti-resistant materials or coatings.
    • Sacrificial coatings, which allow graffiti to be washed off, must be re-applied after each graffiti clean-up.
    • Textured surfaces, which are less attractive to graffiti vandals.
    • Dark-colored or colorful surfaces; neither of these provide a good canvas for a graffiti vandal.

  6. Neighborhood Watch – Incorporate the support of your local law enforcement officials